Want a job? Or a name above the door?

This is a little bit of a rant.
But hopefully for a good cause.
As there’s a job going.

Two weeks ago at New Blood, we launched our placement opportunity for students and grads. It’s then gone around the internet a few times.
And we had like a million flyers printed too.
So we definitely know people got it.

To earn a placement, we don’t need to see your portfolio.
We want to see two ads.
Based on a hypothetical event.
For the two brands we work on.

On writing this – and our deadline approaching fast – we’ve had four entries.
One team sent us an ad with the wrong brand on to start with.
And another is a solo, and not a team.

Four entries.

It’s even paid the London Living Wage.
And you can leave at like 6/6:30.
Most of the time…

For those who don’t know.
I work for an agency you don’t know.
Yet you do.
Because we do ALL the ads for News UK.

We’re basically Channel 4 but the print version.
We have our own rules.
We can be brave.
We can make cool shit.

Last year our work won awards at Cannes, D&AD, Creative Circle to name drop a few.
I’ve also never made so many ads in a week/month/year/life.
It’s relentless.
And relentlessly fun.

So my question to every young team is:
Are you chasing a name above the door?
Or an opportunity to do great work?

The brief is here >
And the deadline soon.

Good luck.

Dear Ad-land

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