Meal Of Fortune : Call For Entries

Fancy a free dinner? Then here’s your meal ticket.

The Meal Of Fortune gives you the chance to go out to dinner with another creative team in the industry. It’s not a date: it’s a friendly dinner with a couple of strangers that just so happen to do the same job as you. A simple spin on the meal of fortune wheel will decide where you’ll be eating.

All we’re asking for in return is a little write up on your evening out. The food, your companions and the ever so interesting conversations, we want to hear all. Also let’s not forget photos, we love a good snap, especially food pics.

On the night you’ll meet one of the YCC crew outside the chosen restaurant where we’ll handover the dinner money in exchange for some snazzy pics. Then we’ll leave you to chow down on some tasty grub and juicy conversations.

So if you like free food, good times, or just doing something a little bit random, drop us an email with a interesting fact about yourselves.

Teams please!

T&Cs: The meal will be at one of the restaurants featured on our meal of fortune wheel on a date agreed by the invitees. Cancellations not cool. If you go over the budget you pay the excess. Write up and photos must be submitted within 48 hours of going for meal.

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