Covid-eo Crits: Mother Edition

To celebrate doing 3 months of Covid-eo Crits, we’ve joined forces with Mother London to host a special edition with them on Thursday, 25 June – in addition to our usual Tuesday slot.

12 Mother creatives, including ECDs, will be doing 2 x 30min crits with us over Zoom. So each junior creative/team will see two different people from their agency.

How to get a spot

To make it the fairest possible, please fill in our sign-up form using the link below before Midday on Tuesday (23 June). If you’ve already had a Covid-eo Crit (Sessions #1-#12) or have been receiving emails like this – you’re on the mailing list and don’t need to apply again.

We will send a Covid-eo Crits Mother Edition email some time between 1pm and 6pm on Tuesday. The first 12 teams/solos that reply to that email will get a slot. Simple as that.

And if you’re involved in our Tuesday or Wednesday session that week, you can also be part of this special edition if you’re in the first 12 replies.



Thursday 25 June
(please note the slight time change for this one)

How does it work?

  • Register your interest using the forms below.
  • We’ll send you a Zoom meeting invite on your specific day.
  • You log on at 5:30pm.
  • We’ll pair you up. You can even bring your creative partner as we can put you all in the same room.
  • Crits last 30 mins you’ll see two lots of Mother creatives during the event

How will they crit my work?

You’ll be able to screenshare in the chat room, so please make sure you have a PDF or a website ready to share. The Mother creatives also have the opportunity to see your work prior.

Things to note

Our Covid-eo Crits are specifically for advertising creatives, sorry!


Tips for contacting creatives

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