Creative Social Presents: F**k That’s Good

We sent @jensties down to last weeks last ever CS Presents, here’s the DL! 

There’s plenty of crap out there. But there’s also plenty of creative goodness. And it’s the latter that is the focus of Creative Social’s ‘F**k That’s Good’ evening.

The premise is simple. Ask six people, who are already killing it in their respective fields, what blows their creative mind. And since it was Creative Social’s last CS Presents event, each speaker was asked to name their expected trend for 2018.

If you didn’t make the event – we got your back. Here’s a digest of what went down.

Flo Heiss, Creative Partner, Studio of Art & Commerce

Flo showed us a snippet from the German crime film, Victoria. Released in 2015, it remains one of the very few features films to be shot in one continuous take.

Whilst it made for engaging viewing, there was also a lesson to be learnt: that the execution can be a part of the idea. That things get interesting when you switch the ideation process around. This encourages you to make mistakes, to test and prototype. It’s only in these mishaps do new facets of the idea present itself. Tomorrow’s trend? We’ve only seen the start of VR and filmmaking. Expect to see more in the future.

Shannie Mears, Co-Founder & Head of Talent, The Elephant Room

Now here is a girl in the know. Shannie Mears took us deep into another world of underground DIY club nights, interactive magazines  and self starters making waves straight out of university. It’s refreshing and almost reassuring to know that youth culture is well and truly kicking ass.

Her trend for 2018? That tomorrow, culture makers will be more important than influencers. And smart brands should be collaborating with these people who are making, hustling and generating authentic energy.

Caroline Paris, Creative Director, Brave

Ah, to be a student. If you’re like most of us, you probably spent too much of your student days drinking, partying and doing everything but the coursework. But after watching Caroline Paris present the work of students from the School of Communication Arts, you’ll quickly yearn for a time machine to undo the errors of your ways.

There’s plenty of fine examples of youthful geniusness. Chatty dog cabbies. Festival rubbish being turned into vinyls. Her advice? Be more like your student self. Which doesn’t mean getting pissed and sleeping in. But rather, be bolder and think bigger.

Anna Rafferty, Global Director, Digital Marketing, BBC Worldwide

It didn’t take long for the Netflix-binging population to fall in love with Stranger Things. It’s a love that’s been fuelled by nostalgic sci-fi, 80s soundtracks and cross-generational storytelling. And this massive fandom has led Stranger Things to create some incredibly targeted marketing as well as unique social creative.  Anna took us through a number of these Stranger Things campaigns, both Netflix endorsed and not.

She expects more brands to turn marketing upside down, and to embrace intercontextuality in all their collateral.

Simon Richings, Creative Partner, AnalogFolk

Emotion and usefulness. While the two may seem like polar opposites, they can in fact be used together. Simon proves this fact by showing us the short film, ‘Does Love Last Forever?’. It follows the lives of a couple over the course of 40 years. Lovely stuff, but spoiler alert: it’s a hearing test in disguise. There are two possible outcomes depending on your hearing ability, with clever engineering, camerawork and direction used to achieve this.

The the film was produced for Cochlear, an Australian company specialising in hearing aid implants. Considering the conservative nature of many medical companies, this short film is an exciting step in the right creative direction. Simon hopes for more emotion and usefulness in 2018.

Brendan Stephens, Global Creative Director, MOO

There’s no denying the catchiness of Sainsbury’s latest Christmas ad. Amongst the blockbuster television spots of John Lewis, M&S, Aldi and others – Sainsbury’s more down-to earth #everybitofChristmas singalong ties in nicely with its wider campaign of #fooddancing.  And Brendan Stephens is definitely a fan, citing its authentic diversity, consistent branding and infectious jingle as why he’s chosen it as his favourite piece of recent creativity.

That’s a wrap from us on all things CS Presents, but we’re sure they’ll be serving up some fresh juicy inspo soon for us to get stuck into. 

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