Meal Of Fortune : Episode Two

So that thing you now all know and love Meal Of Fortune happened again. And on a Friday night, super COOL. This time we sent out Rob and Sam from Grey with a rather lovely placement duo called Alex and Emily.

I’ll let them do the talking… but all in all it looked, well sounded, like a ruddy fun night down at All Star Lanes in Holborn.

What were you first impressions?
A&E : Wow, first impressions, where to EVEN start. These two are advertising gods right? So obviously we fan girled hard. Aha only joking, if it wasn’t for the fact that these two had hit the pub since 2 o’clock, we probably would’ve been more nervous about meeting them again, they were immediately welcoming, and came across as a super fun, talented team.

What were you first impressions?
R&S :
They seemed nice and confident, and it wasn’t going to be an awkward, full of silence encounter.

What’s the best piece of advice they gave?
A&E : Don’t sleep around. no seriously, they told us how important it was to make friends, but not to come across as a placement team wanting to get brownie points, which is exactly the sort of advice you’d want to hear when starting up. Don’t act false around people, at the end of the day, whilst on placement you’re there to make awesome work, you’re already hungry, so why fluff it up by coming across as an idiot.

Were there any awkward moments?
R&S: Awkward moments, luckily we weren’t awkward people, but I’m pretty sure someone who was sober could judge better than us. Sam did spend a lot of time talking himself up which may have gotten slightly awkward.

Are you going to change your book now?
A&E : Yes and no, we’re hoping to meet up with the guys next week for a casual crit, they gave us advice to change our book into work that WE were proud of, to experiment, and to tailor it to suit the companies we want to work for, without getting rid of any personality.

What would you have asked if you were them?
R&S : If we’d have been them we’d have asked what’s your top tip for getting hired after you’ve got your foot in the door (i.e got a placement.)

Has it given you more confidence to talk to teams?
A&E : It’s definitely given us more confidence to talk more during book crits, and to get to know the teams we’re meeting up with.

Would you swap places with them?
R&S : A resounding no, it’s exciting but it’s a journey a team should only go through once.

Can you sum the other team up in 3 words?
A&E : Geezers, inspirational, humble.
R&S : Interesting. Confident. Smelt nice.

Best story from the night?
A&E : …robs houses…probably shouldn’t say anymore…
R&S : Well, there’s some I don’t want repeating or to be stored anywhere on the web, ever. But let’s just say we all found out advertising is a small little world where everybody knows everybody else.

Well I want to more details on that story… but I guess the only way to find out is to hunt down the Grey pub and tease it out of them. All in smashing night, that got pretttttty boozy!

Last but not least the guys had this to say about me, but I’m taking it as a joke. “The YCC girl Holly was really rude and that set the tone for a bad night, luckily we all moved past it and managed to enjoy ourselves. ;­)”

If you’d like to go on the next Meal Of Fortune simply ping an email to with a rather witty fun story / fact about yourself.
I promise I won’t email back anything rude.

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