Joshua Harrison: The Score

As many of you saw on our stand at D&AD New Blood 2017, we were very privileged to have the recent graduate Joshua Harrison create some absolutely spot on illustrations to share with you all. But who really is Joshua Harrison? What makes him tick? We didn’t know, so we asked him.

Where do you find inspiration?

Libraries I guess. Most of my inspiration comes from me reacting to written text, for instance, my most recent body of work has been a response to the poetry of Christina Rossetti and I’ve found teasing through semiotics and symbolism in search of something that would make something with real visual impact really cool.

What’s your weapon of choice?

Swann & Morton scalpel and those big horrid markers from Wilko.

What’s your favourite style of work?

At the moment most of my work is collage based and I’ve found that it works really organically for me, I’m a pretty indecisive person so all the possibility for trial and error afforded by analogue collage is really a godsend.

Do you prefer paper or pixels?

Paper, definitely. I’m getting better at the digital side of things but there’s something waaaay less rewarding about it for me. I think I just really love the process of cutting and sticking.

Who inspired you to become a creative?

Oh, wow. Well firstly my grandmother who has a drawer at home with every drawing of mine that she could get hold of and has always been unbelievably supportive. & secondly Mike Mignola who drew the Hellboy comics, which is where my daft Instagram handle comes from, but I remember absolutely falling in love with drawing in a comic book store back home when I was 15.

Where’d you go to uni, what course, and why?

Manchester School of Art, Illustration w/ Animation and I had no idea what I was doing when I applied, but I got really really lucky. The course structure and staff all turned out to be pretty ideal and I got to meet so many people who either already are or are going to do amazing stuff. (Sorry I’m gushing, I had my last day in uni today)

What do you see yourself doing over the next five years?

First, i’m gonna go for a little lie-down, then moving to SE London, hopefully, get a studio space set up and do some bits and pieces of community work and freelance over the year. Then hopefully the MA next year and eventually get some teaching experience but I’m really just looking to take it as it comes.

What brand would you most like to create work for?

@foliosociety HMU

Late nights or early mornings, when do you do your best work?

Late nights, I’m pretty slow to get moving on a morning and I get pretty easily distracted by the sunshine.

Wraps or sandwiches?

I want to shout out this falafel wrap place on Oxford Rd opposite my old campus, it’s called Falafil and its kept me alive for the last three years.

What is your favourite piece that you’ve worked on so far?

My turn around time on work is normally pretty short, so I’m not sure I really give myself enough time to get attached to things, that being said I’m really proud of my degree show work on Christina Rossetti. That work is also going to visible as part of the MSoA show at New Designers from 05/07 – 08/07 at London’s Business Design Centre. (shameless plug.)

Pinterest or Twitter?

I’m on twitter but more as a weird fly-on-the-wall observer than anything vocal, I just use it for when I’m bored on trains these days.

And finally, where can people find your latest works?


IG: Kingvold


So there you have it, he’s an all-around top lad too.

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