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Is your Christmas jumper game in dire need of a touch-up? Then head over to Somerset House on the 9th Dec for Give A Knit, where you’ll hang out with a couple of eco-designers for a session of clothes upcycling, a phrase that sounds suspiciously like another to add to the Buzzwords That Should Be Banned list, but is actually for a great cause, namely not contributing to the 1.5 MILLION TONNES OF CLOTHES WE THROW AWAY EVERY YEAR.

The workshop is in collaboration with environmental charity Hubbub and you’ll spend it embellishing, reimagining and somehow “digitally hacking” your garms. Please make sure you go just so we know wtf that means.


This is worth venturing west of Liverpool Street for, I PROMISE YOU my East-London-postcode elitists. I’m a shameless advocate of West London mainly because (a) everybody hates it and (b) I live there so don’t have a choice really.

ANYWAY, there’s a little place tucked away just inside Shepherd’s Bush Market, it’s called Mr Falafel and it will 3000% make you want to break the golden rule of only eating a maximum of four spoonfuls of falafel.

But if you absolutely resolutely refuse to be even NEAR that mighty road we call Westway, your next best option chickpea-wise is to head to the falafel dude in the Nag’s Head food market off Seven Sisters Road, all up in your cosy N7 ends, yeah?


For about 4 years now, Portland-based independent music label Fresh Selects have been putting out prime bangers of the genre-bending variety across soul, hip-hop, electronic and progressive-surf-krautrock-belt-huggers. Yeah, I dunno either.

Fresh artist Iman Omari should not keep being referred to just as the guy who made that tune Kendrick Lamar opened with at the 2016 Grammies, but sht hppns.

He’s got a new album out called IHY and it doesn’t stand for “I hate you” you numpty pumpkin, but is named after the Egyptian god who, according to Wikipedia, “represents the ecstasy of playing the sistrum”. F*%K YEH. The tunes are mellow, mature and groovy, and art director Rob Lewis has made some tasty artwork for the album, so cheqqit all oot.

Omari is playing Camden’s Jazz Café on 31st January too, so get yo’self a tick and give a listen to more stalwarts of the label like Low Leaf, Coultrain and everything by Mndsgn, tht 2017 Ringgo yh.


Some of the very good films out at the moment. Beach Rats is an unforgiving look at an identity crisis amidst American machismo, sort of an arthouse Jersey Shore meets Moonlight.

The new film from absolute master Michael Haneke is (delightfully) called Happy End and is exactly the mix of bleak humour and family dysfunction you’d expect, and has been described by the Curzon podcast to be “as if Haneke directed an episode of Arrested Development” which is muad on-point.

Relieve its harsh light and bleakness with Call Me By Your Name this balmy summer romance set in Italy will warm you from beyond the screen. And then some.

Splash out on your cinema tickets at the Everyman in Baker Street – the sofas are well worth it – or get more couchy cotches at Curzon Bloomsbury – the Renoir screen is a treat and a half.


A Christmassy scent that’s not mulled cider, that Yankee candle you got for your gran, clove-laden clems (it’s Jaffa season!) or crippling loneliness… The Queen of Hoxton’s Winter Rooftop has the best smelling nectar this side of Saturn, it’s called hot buttered rum, it’s pronounced HOH BUHH RUHM, it’s delicious, and in true Christmas spirit you’re not allowed to drink anything else when you head down to the Shoreditch jaunt every Wednesday this December for their funk, soul and disco night Kick Out The Jams.

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