Time for a shake up; say goodbye to late agency payments and sloppy freelancers

It’s clear to anyone working in the industry that the gig economy is booming, with a recent study showing that freelancers now make up 40% of the design and media workforce.

But despite this stat, many believe the standards are slipping when it comes to the typical freelancer and agency relationship.

That’s why Casey Bird, a freelance creative, president of SheSays and good friend of ours over here at YCC has developed a new website called The Freelance Circle.

Its aim is to rebalance the scales and make the industry better and more efficient for everyone as you can anonymously review and share your freelance experiences with other people – as well as give constructive feedback to agencies.

Casey is shaking the whole process up, she believes that by improving basic standards it not only makes life easier for the freelancers, it also improves business for agencies. Better reviews equal better freelancers… a win-win for all. And really, it’s about time!

The Freelance Circle lets you review a wide variety of advertising, marketing, design, media, PR and production agencies using a 5-star anonymous rating system. Each agency has an overall rating based on a collection of measures including agency culture, clear briefings and on-time payment. The website also lets freelancers give other behind-the-scenes feedback, which won’t be shared on the website, but can be shared directly with the agencies to help improve their way of working.

When I asked her, Casey said that “with the increase in the gig economy it’s time we set some standards in the freelancing world.” Makes perfect sense right?

The first version officially launches this week and as the starting point, it allows freelancers to review agencies. The reverse is set to launch in early 2018 whereby agencies will be able to review freelancers based on measures such as skillset vs. day rate, professionalism and adherence to deadlines.

The website is aimed at London agencies (although has already had interest from freelancers in the USA and Europe) and is open to all freelancers of all backgrounds. It has already gained support and interest from over 100 freelancers in its beta phase.

If you want to give a review or see what freelancers are saying about your agency click here

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