Upgrade your D&AD New Blood Accommodation

New Blooders, have we got a treat for you.

The wonderful people at Rare have donated a wad of Airbnb Vouchers to us, so you can have a more comfortable stay during this year’s New Blood festival.

You can use these vouchers to rent a place for yourself for the entire event, or even treat a whole bunch of you to a fancy loft in Shoreditch – it’s totally up to you.

So if you’re travelling down from Edinburgh or up from Exeter, make sure you’re in the running to do New Blood in style.

And, and, and. If thought that wasn’t enough. Wayne Deakin, ECD at Huge, is throwing £50 towards a slap up meal for the winner. You hero.

How do I win?

Simply tell us why you’re RARE and submit your portfolio to us by June 12 and our favourite will receive £500 in Airbnb vouchers.

You can be a designer, a creative (team), an illustrator or anything else for that matter. Just so long as you’re attending New Blood this year, you’re eligible.

Two runners up will also bag £250 worth of vouchers each to put towards their stay.


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