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wish you were back to school too, chum?


Camden Arts Centre currently has a whopping TWO shows not to be missed (rare to get so much goodness under the same roof in one go) so head down before mid-Sept to catch ‘em. Photographer Peter Fraser’s show Mathematics does an ace job of getting your brain to wander using still images, and kinetic artist Yuko Mohri brings you into her rhythmic Rube Goldberg world using clever mechanical tricks-n-treats.

Hayward is back in full swing now, their second exhibition since the revamp will be the group show Space Shifters, opening late September and with the intention of messing with your perception of space. It features work by Anish Kapoor, Yayoi Kusama and (a personal favourite) Daniel Steegman Mangrané, so you’re guaranteed to get your visual-spatial muscles suitably tripped out. sensei highly hopes it will be better curated than the Lee Bul show, where the work of a talented-beyond-words performance artist felt shrunken down to a blank museum corpse. Sorry, Southbank.


Uber awesome creative director Es Devlin has got her installation ‘Mask’ up in Somerset House until 23rd September, well worth the viz. The South-East London-based stage designer has pulled out her immersive stops for the likes of Ye, Jay-Z, Louis Vuitton, The Weeknd and The Brits. Are the Brits even cool? Dunno, but her film superimposed on sculpture superinvolved in installation bloody is. CHEKKIT.

You might think the third floor of Selfridge’s is only home to mens’ ties that each cost more than a month’s rent, but until 6th Sept you’ll find the installation Super Sharp Reloaded squatting there instead. Curated by Tory Turk and co-conceived by Saul Milton, the show is the first instalment of a series of exhibitions called RTRN II JUNGLE, all about looking at the style in the UK garage and Jungle music scenes – in particular the appropriation of Italian luxury labels like Versace, Moschino and D&G.

In other news, Eleven Pond’s 1986 album Bas Relief has been dominating my Spotify, I suggest you melt your ear hairs over the Bedroom Mix of Watching Trees, too.



Getcho nose OUTTA the sand with the Open City Documentary Festival running over at the ICA from 4-9th September. If you, like me, are always lamenting this image-saturated world we live in, and blaming it for our generation feeling like “we’ve seen it all before”, then perhaps you, like me, will find a glimmer of hope in this fiesta of creative documentaries. They’re (about 70%) sure to throw up something we’ll feel slightly less desensitised to. Plus, I spy John Malkovich.

Have been bleeding my eyes dry watching the IG stories from @tastecadets, featuring People Just Do Nothing’s Allan (there = Grindah, here = Seapa), Kieran and Marcus caning round London on Mobikes, working up appetites on Welsh campsites and getting serious sustenance from places like O.ppa in Richmond, where the Korean BBQ looks more legit than Elle Woods’ perm-related cross-examination.

For more DIY BBQ delights I’ve got some recos in from someone actually Korean – she makes kimchi in paddling pools using cabbages in the multiples of 24. Put that in your pipe and ferment it. To find the finest in Central head to Olle in Shaftesbury Ave, but if you’re after London’s top top Korean BBQ offering, head to Jin Go Gae down in New Malden.