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Want to Help? | YCC Events

Is your head full of event ideas? Want to put that to good use and think up awesome events aimed at helping people? Or social gatherings like bowling, a piss up in a brewery or an evening with Facebook?

If the answer is yes, then you might be what we’re after.

The YCC is looking for newbies to get involved in throwing some kick-ass bashes of all shapes and sizes.

We’re pulling together a team to connect even more with our rather large following. The aim: create engaging, educational, fun or thought provoking events.

We talk to agencies, brands, CDs, grads and industry professionals, so there’s always something to say and beer to drink.

Experience required

Fuck all. In fact. The more junior, the better. That’s not to say you have to be young to be part of the YCC.

It’s handy if you have a job in the industry, but it doesn’t matter what you do. You could be a creative, a planner, designer, an account exec. If you have a flair for creating fun stuff. Then that’s fine with us.

How would working for the YCC actually work?

The YCC is an extra curricular job. It boosts the CV, helps you make long lasting connections, and is there to help give back a bit to the next generation of talent.

It’s not a day job in one sense, but it is in another. There’s no pay – soz – and no formal contract. You’d (like the rest of us unpaid monkeys) be doing this because it pays in other ways. We’ve been like this since day one and our current and former members now work in some of the coolest places around: Facebook, Grey, Anomaly, CHI, AMV, Wunderman, TBWA and Iris to name a few. So it’s a great way to go places. And do more.  

If you hadn’t worked this out already, it’s a remote working job.

We have the meetings every month or so (which you can Skype-in if needed) in London. And if you live in London that would be a bonus. Just so you can take advantage of the other YCC perks.

They include:

  • Invites to all YCC events
  • Free event tickets to other socials things from our friends
  • Access to our agency contacts

Interested? Well you have got this far...

Send us some of the cool stuff you’ve done/doing to andy@youngcreativecouncil.com and holly@youngcreativecouncil.com and a paragraph of what you’d like to do for an event or two.

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