Creative Circle: Cause chaos competition

No rules. No limits. Cause chaos. Cause commotion. Show the Creative Circle your anarchic side and you can win a ticket to the Creative Circle Ball on May 17th and have their work displayed at the ceremony.

The brief? Simple. Download these posters and (in their words) draw over it, paint over it, fuck it up and make it your own.

The best three posters will shown at the Creative Circle Ball on May 17th, with first place being displayed above the Roundhouse. The three winners will also receive a Creative Circle Ball ticket and welcome to come and join the UK’s creative community for the most unruly night of the year, and be able to sit for the full dinner and ceremony amongst the leading name’s in creativity.

Entries must be by individuals rather than teams and, whilst misbehaviour is encouraged, don’t break the law. Check rights on any images submitted.

The deadline for entry is Monday 8th May. Send your work to Don’t be late!

Competition Information

  • You can download the Examples and Competition Posters here
  • Please use the Examples folder to see what sort of thing we’re expecting from you
  • Please use the Competition Posters folder to choose your poster (you can choose to do one, two or all three)
  • Use your chosen competition poster and create your design as a separate later over the top, then saving your layer as a file and send to us
  • The separate file that you create will be printed over the top of the existing posters in fluoro green
  • Please contact if you have any questions
  • Good luck!