June 16, 2017

The Working Week: June 16

Too busy to be a sponge this week? Don't worry here are some things we've find interesting.

Ad News:

Havas want everyone to love a lonely hotel trolley. It's wheely good.

KFC says yesweareactuallysendingachickensandwichto.space. Seriously.

Smirnoff goes political with an ad aimed at Trump. Read more >

Campaign Mag goes MONTHLY. Ad industry despairs as they now can't look busy every week reading it. See why >

D&AD New Blood Shift has launched. A free night school for non-grads. Apply >


Meet Picfair, the image licensing company putting fair pay for photographers on top on their agenda. Their 4.5 million image collection is produced by 25,000 photographers in 130 countries - all who set their own prices! Get 20% automatically added to your first basket by signing up here >


Photos from last night's YCC x Jelly: 20 Years of Inky Fingers talk with Alison Carmichael. See them all here >

Tickets selling fast for our next event with GiF. Snap them up here >

Until next week. Over and out.

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