June 23, 2017

The Working Week: June 23

Too busy to be a sponge this week? Don't worry here are some things we've find interesting.

Cannes News

10 Cannes shortlists. But it never won a chip. Or did it? (7 years earlier)

Apparently it's also getting too big for it's booze boots. Publicis says it isn't going next year and WPP are having second thoughts too. Info >

And Fearless Girl takes home 3 Grand Prixs. Go girl. Info >

Interesting stuff we've found

Braille Bricks

A toy building brick can be whatever you imagine it to be, or even something you've never imagined. Braille Bricks is an experiment that transforms these bricks into a tool capable of encouraging creativity, helping blind children learn to read and write. It also encourages the inclusion of children with or without visual impairment. Have a play here >

TFL x Pride

Transport for London and Pride have teamed up to add rainbows to their tube signage, Boris bikes and stations entrances. Have a looksies >

Dark Stock Photos

Pretty dark. And available on a stock library near you.

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