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March 24, 2017

Pick The Right Placements

This picture was a gift from my career changing placement.

The only time I've ever worked as part of a team was at university. I was an art director and did the pictures and my copywriter, Ross did the words. While this was a great creative team we split in 2011, graduated and went on our separate paths. (Embarrassing shots attached!)

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January 31, 2017

Wip-fection : (Work In Progress Perfection)

I used to think I had the patience of a saint but it turns out I am in a (never ending) race to the finish line - that is, with myself. But someone once reminded me that the finishing line of life is my own impending mortality. Which is a bit depressing - so I’ve pulled it back to wiggling-anticipation. I’m on the edge of highly impatient; but (hopefully) in the right way. For years I agonised over perfection, obsessed over it and I eventually discovered, while an advantageous characteristic in a plastic surgeon or a professional knife thrower, it's actually a major hinderance as a creative.

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