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June 21, 2016

Single Mingle | The Big Match

Join the Young Creative Council and for the opportunity to find your next creative doubles partner (art director or copywriter) at D&AD's New Blood.

We're taking over their Soap Box event space in the Truman Brewery on Wednesday 6th July – bright and early from 11am – for our Wimbledon themed singles match.

Students, grads and juniors (if you're not working) can swing by for your chance to get 5 minute rallies with loads of potential teammates – think speed dating, but with portfolios – and take your first steps into advertising as a team.

Check out our Facebook Page to see all the action from our previous Single Mingles, they’re less daunting than you think.

Spaces limited. Ticket price refunded on attendance. Any questions, catch us on Twitter.

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April 27, 2016 - Comments Off on New Blood Shift

Are you aged 18-26 bursting full of creativity, but don't have a degree?

D&AD have a super awesome new opportunity that might just be right up your street. They're launching a night school for 15 young things who aren't in the creative industries but should be! Do you blog, write funny tweets, doodle, code, or something else that's weird and wonderfully original? It won't interfere with your work, but it will get you geared up to get into the creative industries.

Know someone this is perfect for... TELL THEM.

Check out all the info here: //

Deadline to apply: June 1st.



April 19, 2016 - Comments Off on Single Mingle | May 2016

Have you been longing for the chance to share your lovingly handcrafted ideas with someone else?


Are you a lonely copywriter looking for your ideal art director? Or an art director looking for the perfect wordsmith? We’ve got a night that’s the perfect chance to find that special someone, for the hours of 9 to 5.

On Wednesday 4 May, we’ll be taking over Iris and kitting it out to help you search for your special someone. Our speed dating format means you get to meet plenty of potential matches. But don’t worry, this isn’t about personalities, or a fashion show. This is a meeting of roles. Art directors one side. Writers the other.

Sceptical? Don’t be. Previous events have seen teams formed that are now plying their trade throughout London and even further afield. And if you want to get a feel for it, you can check out the photos from our last Single Mingle.

Want in? Grab one of our refundable tickets now.

This is event is sponsored by Iris Potential. The creative grad scheme for Campaign’s Agency of the Year, Iris.

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This is event is sponsored by Iris Potential. The creative grad scheme for Campaign’s Agency of the Year, Iris.

Poster by Seb Hepplewhite @ YCC

Note: This is a graduate to junior level only event for wannabe creative teams. Soz.

April 13, 2015 - Comments Off on Ready To Graduate?

There are about 6 weeks to go until you finish university and head into the ad industry. But are you ready for what really lays ahead? Has uni really prepped you for what happens next? Here are a few things that I’ve discovered along the way.

ready to graduate-01

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March 4, 2014 - Comments Off on Salary Survey 2014: The Results

Ok, the results are finally in. Let’s first begin by admitting what an eye-opener this entire research project has been for us... Yikes. We created an anonymous survey to lift the lid on the current salary situation in Advertising.

The idea came from a little post that Ben Kay (ITIABTWC) wrote a couple of years back and when we realised some indescrepancies in the ballparks given by the Major Players Salary survey in 2013/2014. Granted, they did have some 1500 entries but this is across all disciplines and with a little bit of luck our specialist cross-section should give a more accurate report. Here's our original post (if you want to catch-up).

All in all we received nigh on 350 entries in just over one month, although we finished with a total of 329 entries after weeding out some cheeky production, accounts and strategy entries. In our survey we have included both freelance and fulltime, from placement to senior levels and across Art Directors, Copywriters & the hybrid ‘Creatives’ amongst you.

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November 25, 2013 - Comments Off on What are you worth to your agency?

Do you sometimes feel like you're out of your depth when talking about money to agencies or recruiters? Are you curious about the industry standard and where you fit in the mix?

How much should I be asking for if I go freelance? How much should I be expecting for my first job? What does a Midweight Art Director earn? Aren't we all just making it up anyway?

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November 8, 2013 - Comments Off on SINGLE MINGLE: CREATIVE SPEED DATING

The Young Creative Council, Single Creatives and Gemini Search present:

The Single Mingle returns to the Nelly Dean pub in Soho on the 21st November from 7-11pm and this time it’s a little different. To make sure you get to network and check out all the talented other halves (copywriters and art directors) that currently on the market we’ve created a speed-dating event.

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October 23, 2012

NABS : Creative Speed Mentoring

Mandy & Laura of JWT did us a cheeky little favour last week, as we're quite stretched out here at the Monkey HQ. The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed our periodical invites asking people to send us their questions so that M&L could ask them on our behalf to some of the best Creative Directors at agencies in London, and that's exactly what they did... Some of the CD's included outgoing D&AD President Rosie Arnold, Karmarama's ECD Dave Buonaguidi, Albion's ECD Nick Darken, JWT's ECD Russell Ramsey, Proximity's ECD, Caitlin Ryan...quite an impressive attendance I'm sure you'll agree. Cue Mandy & Laura...

Last Thursday we went along to the first NABS creative speed mentoring event in Karmarama’s swanky new offices. We were given 10 minutes (which ended up feeling like three) to ask the industry greats anything we wanted, in our small groups of students to midweights. So before the event, we asked if there where any burning questions you guys had – and are responses varied from the regular ‘can I have a job?’ from @marcrayson to the down right silly 'if you could have one music track played behind you wherever you went why would it be?’ courtesy of @robbiefield1.

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